Silicone roofing coatings- The number 1 solution to your flat roof problems?

silicone roofing coatings

There are several key points to keep in mind while making this decision.  Choosing silicone roofing coatings will be less expensive than replacing a flat roof, and because of this, it will save time during the installation process as well. The silicone material is terrific in all weather conditions which makes it a great solution in the Midwest. Expansion and contraction based on weather conditions contribute to the coatings’ durability. It reduces the likelihood of cracks forming in the material and water getting underneath the coating. Silicone roof coating on flat roof

Professional application of silicone roofing coatings

A reputable contractor is a must when applying a silicone coating. It is not just a matter of “rolling” on the silicone. An infrared inspection is pertinent to reveal any moisture in the existing roof. Once that is determined, patching, repairing, and sealing cracks and penetrations is performed by a trained professional.  The silicone material is applied as a liquid which allows for a continuous seamless surface. After a rain or snowstorm, the water will drain or evaporate and will not cause ponding and find its way into any seams. The coatings are UV resistant, low VOC, and have low toxicity, so they are a good choice for the energy-conscious consumer.

Repairing or recoating any silicone coating

Following the silicone coating installation, a maintenance program is highly recommended to inspect and maintain the roof membrane. A silicone roof coating provides a high level of durability with very little erosion over time that weathers well over its lifetime. A silicone roof coating can add 15 years of life to an existing roof with a Roof Care Plan. What happens when that 10- 15 years expires? The same process can be repeated to assess the roof’s integrity and then another coating can be added for an additional 10-15 years. Talk to us at Heritage Contractors to find out if a silicone roof  from certified Henry installers can help solve your building’s roofing issues.

Maintenance program to prevent any surprises with your silicone roofing coatings system

Ask about our preventative maintenance solution for your commercial roof. This innovative solution helps to prevent costly repairs and extends the life of your roof. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and budget. With our preventative maintenance solution, you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands.


silicone roof restoration

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